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My voice journey started when I was 19 and joined the local radio station.  It was a time when there were only a few women announcers, so I had to figure out how to present myself on-air, because simply copying the style of the male announcers would not work.  In time I learned a great deal and was asked to do commercial production for radio and local television.  I loved that it required a different delivery from my on-air persona, and for thirty seconds I could be anybody.   My radio work led me to a project called RadioVision for the Blind, where I narrated my first audiobooks.  My talents grew in a different direction as a core cast member of Air Pirates Radio Theater, playing a vast number of different characters.  My voice is now on the air at WALL Radio  and on Audible audiobooks as well.  You can hear me promoting the Alzheimer's Association on public radio, along with many other local and regional advertisers. 

I have a lifelong love for reading.  I used to say that I would read anything that could not outrun me:  books, newspapers, dictionaries, cereal boxes.  I read all the time, always wanting to find out what happens next - how does the story end?  The best thing about doing voiceover is the ability to take that story and bring it to life, to show you what comes next.  To me, voiceover work is like loaning my favorite story to someone.  Except they won't ever forget to give the book back.  Other life accomplishments?  I play piano reasonably well.  I am a professional pun artist (meaning I got a pun published in the Reader's Digest once and got paid for it - ask me, and I'll tell you the pun).  One of these days I will learn to ride a unicycle.  Otherwise, my life is happy and full.

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